PhD opportunities in palaeolimnology, Singapore

The Tropical Environmental Change (TEC) research group in the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore, is please to offer the following fully-funded PhD opportunity/opportunities in topical Asian palaeo(paleo)limnology.  Please note that the closing date for application is 15 May 2015.

Determining the form and level of anthropogenic impacts on freshwater lakes in tropical Asia, and the rate and nature of past recovery phases.
(PI: Professor David Taylor, email: )

More than one PhD opportunity potentially exists for this project.  The successful candidate(s) will utilize a largely palaeolimnological (lake sediments‐based) approach, targeting a selection of lakes in the Philippines that span a range of degrees of anthropogenic modification, from some of the world’s most polluted lakes to remote, presumably little impacted sites. Information generated by the project will provide a basis for allied research aimed at anticipating future aquatic conditions, including factors that could potentially confound recovery and efforts at restoration of lakes impacted by intensive aquaculture and other anthropogenic activities. The successful candidate is expected to have a background in one or more of Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences/Studies and Geography.

Key research questions underpinning the research are:

  1. What are baseline ecological conditions for each study lake and to what extent do current conditions deviate from the baseline ecological states?
  2. based on evidence from a selected, smaller group of key (indicator) lakes, when did these changes start to occur and at what rate? Have there been past periods of recovery and if so why? And
  3. How do fast and slow drivers of change affect biodiversity and ecosystem services in the most severely impacted lakes?

The research will be carried out in collaboration with researchers at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, who are working on a major, Philippines Government‐funded research programme investigating freshwater pollution, and targets an area of the aquatic sciences that is at present very poorly covered in the tropics generally and in tropical Asia in particular. The research project includes field‐based studies in the Philippines.

More information on the Graduate studies programme in the Department is available at:  More information on TEC and on the Department of Geography more generally is available at:

Applicants should apply – no later than the 15 May 2015 deadline – through the standard application procedure for candidates applying to join the Graduate Research Programme in the Department.  Please note that we do not require a research proposal as part of the application.  We do however require aStatement of Purpose.  Information on the application procedure, including the Statement of Purpose is at:

More information also available from Professor David Taylor (email: )


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