Academic Positions:

Senior Lecturer (GIS), The Ohio State University, USA. DEADLINE: 16.11.15. More info:

Postdoc (Modeling a Complete Glacial Cycle),Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg. DEADLINE: 20.09.15. Full advert:

Data scientist, Institute for Environmental Analytics, UK. DEADLINE: 16.09.15. Find details here:

Physical Geography technician, Monash University, Aus. DEADLINE: 17.09.15. Full details:

Assistant Prof (Physical Geography), York University, UK. DEADLINE: 30.10.15. More info:

Postdoc (Indian Ocean decadal climate variability), University of Colorado Boulder. DEADLINE: until filled. Further details:

Assistant Prof (Natural Hazards), Oregon State University. DEADLINE: 27.11.15. More info:

Postdoc (advanced tracer transport), Universität Hamburg, Hamburg. DEADLINE: 18.09.15. More info at:

Postgrad & PostDocs (Holocene and Anthropocene environmental change), Bishop’s University, Québec, Canada. DEADLINE: 08.09.15. More info:

Assistant Prof. (2 positions), Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University, Canada. DEADLINE: 31.10.15. Full advert here:

Research Scientist (atmosphere-ocean interactions), University of Reading, UK. DEADLINE: 30.09.15. Full details:

Prof/Assoc Prof (Water Research), Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. DEADLINE: 16.10.15. See for more info

Postdoc(PaleoClimate Modelling), Universidad de Chile (Chile). DEADLINE: 30.09.15. More info:

Professor (Physical ‎Geography) – RWTH Aachen University, Germany. DEADLINE: 09.10.15. Full details:

Professor (Geology) – Goethe-University Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. DEADLINE: 15.10.15. More info:

Postdoc (Palaeoclimatology), University of Colorado Boulder. Details:

Lecturer (Geography), The University of Melbourne, Australia. DEADLINE: 20.09.15. Full details:

Lecturer (Environmental Change), The University of Melbourne, Australia. DEADLINE: 20.09.15. Full details:


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