Msc/PhD (palaeoecology) – University of Victoria, Canada

MSc/PhD Opportunity in Palaeoecology and Long-term Environmental Change at the University of Victoria, Canada

Looking for graduate students (MSc or PhD) to join the palaeoecology lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Victoria (, starting May or September 2016. Research in the lab typically focuses on the development and dynamics of forest communities since the last glaciation and the climatic and non-climatic factors that drive vegetation dynamics on long timescales. Potential research areas include: long-term forest community dynamics including disturbance regimes; the past effects of tephra deposition on plant communities; and, the links between climate, vegetation and carbon accumulation in peatlands. PhD-level research combining palaeoecological techniques with molecular approaches (palaeogenetics) is also possible. Students are also encouraged to develop their own research projects related to past ecological change.

Guaranteed funding for research and salary is available. Ideal candidates will have a solid background in plant ecology, palynology, palaeoecology or a related discipline, and excellent academic standing. Interested students are encouraged to send a CV, unofficial university transcripts, and a brief statement of research interests to Terri Lacourse (

Information about graduate studies at the University of Victoria can be found at:

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