Job Opportunities – 06.04.15

(Assoc) Professor (Spatial Information), University of Canterbury, Wellington, NZ. DL: 08.05.16. More info:

Assoc Prof (Global Hydrology), McGill University, Canada. DL: 01.08.16. More info:

(senior) Lecturer/(Assoc) Prof (Climate and Environmental Science), University of Exeter, UK. DL: 14.04.16. More info:

Geomatics Geoscientist, British Columbia, Canada. DL: 20.04.16. More info:

Junior Scientist (Luminescence Dating), MPI EVA, Liepzig, Germany. DL: 31.05.16. More info:

Research Assistant/Laboratory manager, OSL Lab, University of Bern, Switzerland. DL: 24.04.16. More info:

Stable Isotope and Biochemistry Laboratory Manager, University at Buffalo, NY. Open until filled. More info:

Tutor (Marine, Environmental Geography), Cardiff University, Wales. DL: 15.04.16. More info:

Postdoc (Isotope Geochemistry, Paleoceanography), University of St Andrews, Scotland. DL: 08.04.16. More info:

PostDoc (paleo-climate, ice core), AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany. DL: 15.04.16. More info:

Several Postdocs (Stable Isotopes, Holocene Archaeology, Archaeobotany, Dental Calculus Studies etc.), Department of Archaeology, MPI, Germany. More info:

PhD (Isotope Zooarchaeology), MPI EVA, Leipzig, Germany. More info:

PhD (climate change, central Asia), University of Iceland. DL: 30.05.16. More info:


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