Grad student fellowship, Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University, Earth Sciences &  Environmental Sustainability
Sedimentary records of climate and environmental change, Alaska

We seek a graduate student (MS or PhD) to join our NSF-funded projects on climate and environmental variability in Alaska based on proxy climate evidence from lake sediments. Field sites are located in both northern and southern Alaska where we are studying glacier-hydrology-limnology linkages and how they relate to the changing Arctic system. You will be trained in a wide range of paleolimnological and geochemical techniques, and will develop new paleoclimate records focusing on postglacial hydroclimatic variability. In southern Alaska, volcanic ash layers and annually laminated sediment provide the basis for precise geochronology. These new records build on a growing regional and global networks of proxy climate records to improve the understanding of how shifts in the mean state of climate during the Holocene were associated with changes in north Pacific and Arctic climate variability.

Degree options include:
– MS Geology or MS Environmental Sciences & Policy – Paleoenvironments
– PhD Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability – Climate and Environmental Change

Highly qualified incoming PhD students will be considered for NAU’s Presidential Fellowship, which includes a $25k stipend, tuition remissions, benefits and funds for professional development for each of four years.

For more information, contact or
Application deadline January 15th 2017


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