SASQUA Conference

21st Conference of the Southern African Society for Quaternary Research, 3-7 April 2017, Parkview, Johannesburg

SASQUA 2017 first circular

Abstract Deadline: 31.01.17, download the form here

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Symposium: Past Climate Changes, a key for the Future

IAMAS-ICCL, Cape Town, South Africa, 27 August-1 Sepember 2017

Lead convener: Andre Berger (

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2013), without rapid and dramatic reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, the Earth’s climate can warm by a few °C. This change may occur over a few hundred years, accompanied by sea level rising at a rate of as much as a meter, or perhaps more, per century. Such a climate appears to be unprecedented over the last 150 years. This requests therefore to go back in the past history of the Earth looking for the closest analogues. As we are presently in an interglacial (the Holocene), the warm climates of the past few million years are particularly well suited. Understanding the nature and mechanisms of past climate changes in general and particularly the relative stability of the past warm periods has the potential to provide context and insight into climate and sea-level response to human activities over the industrial period and into the future, as well as the impacts of such climate change on the environment.

This symposium invites researchers who investigate the long-term behavior of the climate system and of the environment in the past and how it is projected to change into the future. We encourage both modelers and empirical scientists who focus on different aspects of the climate system to participate.

Session 1. Reconstructing and understanding the Pliocene and earlier warm periods. Convener: A. Haywood (

Session 2. Reconstructing and understanding the Pleistocene. Convenors: Q.Z. Yin (

Session 3. Reconstructing and understanding the climate, sea level, environment and civilization changes over the Holocene and the Anthropocene. Conveners: A Timmermann ( M. MacCracken (

Conferences, Meetings & Workshops – 18.10.16

  • INTERNATIONAL OPEN #WORKSHOP 2017: Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 12,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes V, 20-24.03.17, Kiel University, Germany. Abstract Deadline: 30.11.16. Registration Deadline: 02.02.17. More info:
  • PAST (The Palaeontological Scientific Trust) Call for Applications Q4, Johannesburg, South Africa. Deadline: 01.11.16. More info:
  • 2017 AAG Annual Meeting, 05-09.04.17, Boston, Massachusetts. Early Registration Deadline: 19.01.17. Abstract Deadline: 27.10.16. Conference website:
  • Climate Data Analysis, Bad Gandersheim, Heckenbeck, Germany. Deadline: 30.12.16.
    – Advanced Course in Climate Time Series Analysis, 09-13.01.17
    – Special Course in Climate Extremes Analysis, 16-20.01.17
    More info:

Conferences, Meetings & Workshops – 20.09.16

3rd PAGES YSM, 7-9.05.17, Morillo de Tou, Spain. Applications and abstract DL: 01.10.16. Meeting website:

PAGES Open Science Meeting, 9-13.05.17, Zaragoza, Spain. Early Reg DL: 20.02.17. Abstract DL: 20.12.16. Meeting website:

DANTE workshop: Dating the ANThropocene in Environmental archives, 19-21.10.16, Toulouse, France. Reg DL: 30.09.16. Website:

Southern Hemisphere Assessment of PalaeoEnvironments (SHAPE) International Focus Group Workshop: Southern Hemisphere climate of the present and past, 2-4.11.16, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. REGISTRATION AND FUNDING STILL OPEN! More info:

ASLO aquatic sciences meeting, 26.02-03.03.17, Honolulu, Hawaii. Abstract DL: 14.10.16. Conference website:

2017 AAG Annual Meeting, 05-09.04.17, Boston, Massachusetts. Early Reg DL: 19.01.17. Abstract DL: 27.10.16. Conference website:

17th International Congress of Speleology: Caves in an Ancient Land, 23-29.07.17, Sydney, Australia. Reg open. Conference website:

Workshop on the Analysis of Micro Particles in Archaeological Samples, 06-08.12.16, Leipzig, Germany. More info:

Conferences & Workshops – 01.07.16

SASQUA Congress 2017:

Our next meeting will be held in early-mid April 2017 in the Cradle of Humankind

The venue and exact dates are still under review and will be announced in due course. Follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates

  1. INQUA Early Career Researcher Conference and Summer School 2016: Using observations and modelling to understand past climate changes, 05-09.09.16, University of Reading, UK. Abstracts and bursary DEADLINE: 05.07.16, Registration DEADLINE: 22.08.16. Website:
  2. Bushfire 2016 Consortium: Connecting Science, People and Practice, 28-30.09.16, Brisbane, AUS. Registration DEADLINE: 29.07.16. Website:
  3. AQUA biannual meeting, 05-09.12.16, Auckland, NZ. More info:
  4. 1st CVAS workshop: “What do we know about multicentennial, multimillenial variability?”, 28-30.11.16, Hamburg, Germany. DEADLINE: 31.08.16. More info:
  5. XIV International Palynological Congress & X International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference, 23-28.10.16, Salvador, Brazil. Registration: Open. Conference website:
  6. PAGES YSM & OSM: “Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective.”, 07-13.05.17, Morillo de Tou, near Zaragoza, Spain. Pre-registration now open. Website:
  7. AGU Fall Meeting 2016, 12-16.12.16, San Francisco, CA. Abstract DEADLINE: 03.08.16. Conference Website:
  8. Past Earth Network Workshop: Assessing Paleoclimate Uncertainty, 24-26.08.16, Cambridge, UK. Website:

Conferences & Workshops – 27.05.16

Stable isotopes in fossils and organic compounds from lake sediment records workshop, 28-29.07.16, University of Southampton, UK. Abstract Deadline: 24.06.16. Website:

GeoChronR Training Workshop, 17-19.08.16, Flagstaff, AZ. App Deadline: 12.06.16. More info:

26th Annual North American Dendroecological Fieldweek (NADEF), 24.07-01.08.16, Eatonville, Washington. More info:

SYMPOSIUM: Centenary (1916-2016) of Pollen Analysis and the Legacy of Lennart von Post, 24-25.11.16. More info:

35th International Geological Congress, 27.08-04.09.16, Cape Town, South Africa. Field Trip booking is now open (see:, Registration Deadline: 31.05.16. Conference website:

Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) Annual Conference, 7-9.09.16, Pilsen, Czech Republic. Abstract Deadline: 01.06.16. Website:

AQUA biannual meeting, 5-9.12.16, Auckland, NZ. More info:

2016 GSA Annual Meeting, 25-28.09.16, Denver, Co. Abstract Deadline: 12.07.16. Int. Travel Grants: 17.06.16. Registration Deadline: 22.08.16. More info:

6th International Workshop on Climate Informatics (CI 2016), 22-23.09.16, Boulder, CO. Workshop website:

SciDataCon 2016, 11-13.09.16, Denver, CO. Abstract Deadline: 16.05.16. Reg Deadline: 08.08.16. Conference website:

Climate Change: The Karst Record VIII conference (KR8), 21-24.05.17, Austin, TX. Website:

PAGES’ 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM), 9-13.05.17, Zaragoza, Spain. Call for Sessions! More info:

Conferences & Workshops – 06.04.16

35th International Geological Congress, 27.08-04.09.16, Cape Town, South Africa. Field Trip booking is now open (see:, Reg DL: 31.05.16. Conference website:

XIV International Palynological Congress (IPC) & X International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IOPC): Palaeobotany and Palynology: towards new frontiers, 23-28.10.16, Salvador, Brazil. Reg: open, Abstract DL: 14.04.16. Conference website:

INQUA Early Career Researcher Conference and Summer School 2016, 5-9.09.16, Reading, UK. Abstract & Funding DL: 05.07.16. Conference website:

24th International Diatom Symposium (IDS 2016), 21-26.08.16, Québec City, Canada. Abstract DL: 01.05.16. Reg DL: 01.07.16. Conference website:

10th International Meeting on Phytolith Research, 12-14.09.16, Aix-en-Provence, France. Abstract DL: 30.06.16. More info:

4th International Sclerochronology Conference (ISC), 5-9.06.16, Portland, Maine. Conference website:

24th Biennial Meeting of the American Quaternary Association, 28.06-02.07.16, Santa Fe, NM. Abstract DL: 10.04.16. Reg DL: 05.05.16. Conference website:

Eighth World Archaeological Congress (WAC-8), 28.08-02.09.16, Kyoto, Japan. Abstract, Travel support & Reg DL: 30.04.16. Conference website:

PAGES’ 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM), 9-13.05.17, Zaragoza, Spain. Call for Sessions! More info:

1st Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society (VICS) Workshop, 06-08.06.16, Palisades, USA. Abstract DL: 10.04.16. More info:

DANTE – Dating the Anthropocene in Environmental Archives Workshop, 19-21.10.16, Toulouse, France. Reg: Open. Workshop website:

Acquiring and post-processing 3D data in Anthropology and Archaeology Workshop, 27.06-01.07.16, University of Bologna, Italy. Apply by: 20.05.16. More info:

Potsdam Summer School 2016 – Dealing with Climate Change Impacts, 05-14.09.16, Germany. App DL: 15.04.16. Website:

Climate Time Series Analysis Summer Courses, Heckenbeck, Germany, 08-12.08.16 (Basic Course), 15-19.08.16 (Advanced Course). Reg DL: 15.07.16. More info: