Conferences, Meetings & Workshops – 18.10.16

  • INTERNATIONAL OPEN #WORKSHOP 2017: Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 12,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes V, 20-24.03.17, Kiel University, Germany. Abstract Deadline: 30.11.16. Registration Deadline: 02.02.17. More info:
  • PAST (The Palaeontological Scientific Trust) Call for Applications Q4, Johannesburg, South Africa. Deadline: 01.11.16. More info:
  • 2017 AAG Annual Meeting, 05-09.04.17, Boston, Massachusetts. Early Registration Deadline: 19.01.17. Abstract Deadline: 27.10.16. Conference website:
  • Climate Data Analysis, Bad Gandersheim, Heckenbeck, Germany. Deadline: 30.12.16.
    – Advanced Course in Climate Time Series Analysis, 09-13.01.17
    – Special Course in Climate Extremes Analysis, 16-20.01.17
    More info:

Conferences, Meetings & Workshops – 20.09.16

3rd PAGES YSM, 7-9.05.17, Morillo de Tou, Spain. Applications and abstract DL: 01.10.16. Meeting website:

PAGES Open Science Meeting, 9-13.05.17, Zaragoza, Spain. Early Reg DL: 20.02.17. Abstract DL: 20.12.16. Meeting website:

DANTE workshop: Dating the ANThropocene in Environmental archives, 19-21.10.16, Toulouse, France. Reg DL: 30.09.16. Website:

Southern Hemisphere Assessment of PalaeoEnvironments (SHAPE) International Focus Group Workshop: Southern Hemisphere climate of the present and past, 2-4.11.16, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. REGISTRATION AND FUNDING STILL OPEN! More info:

ASLO aquatic sciences meeting, 26.02-03.03.17, Honolulu, Hawaii. Abstract DL: 14.10.16. Conference website:

2017 AAG Annual Meeting, 05-09.04.17, Boston, Massachusetts. Early Reg DL: 19.01.17. Abstract DL: 27.10.16. Conference website:

17th International Congress of Speleology: Caves in an Ancient Land, 23-29.07.17, Sydney, Australia. Reg open. Conference website:

Workshop on the Analysis of Micro Particles in Archaeological Samples, 06-08.12.16, Leipzig, Germany. More info:

Conferences & Workshops – 27.05.16

Stable isotopes in fossils and organic compounds from lake sediment records workshop, 28-29.07.16, University of Southampton, UK. Abstract Deadline: 24.06.16. Website:

GeoChronR Training Workshop, 17-19.08.16, Flagstaff, AZ. App Deadline: 12.06.16. More info:

26th Annual North American Dendroecological Fieldweek (NADEF), 24.07-01.08.16, Eatonville, Washington. More info:

SYMPOSIUM: Centenary (1916-2016) of Pollen Analysis and the Legacy of Lennart von Post, 24-25.11.16. More info:

35th International Geological Congress, 27.08-04.09.16, Cape Town, South Africa. Field Trip booking is now open (see:, Registration Deadline: 31.05.16. Conference website:

Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) Annual Conference, 7-9.09.16, Pilsen, Czech Republic. Abstract Deadline: 01.06.16. Website:

AQUA biannual meeting, 5-9.12.16, Auckland, NZ. More info:

2016 GSA Annual Meeting, 25-28.09.16, Denver, Co. Abstract Deadline: 12.07.16. Int. Travel Grants: 17.06.16. Registration Deadline: 22.08.16. More info:

6th International Workshop on Climate Informatics (CI 2016), 22-23.09.16, Boulder, CO. Workshop website:

SciDataCon 2016, 11-13.09.16, Denver, CO. Abstract Deadline: 16.05.16. Reg Deadline: 08.08.16. Conference website:

Climate Change: The Karst Record VIII conference (KR8), 21-24.05.17, Austin, TX. Website:

PAGES’ 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM), 9-13.05.17, Zaragoza, Spain. Call for Sessions! More info:

Conferences & Workshops – 06.04.16

35th International Geological Congress, 27.08-04.09.16, Cape Town, South Africa. Field Trip booking is now open (see:, Reg DL: 31.05.16. Conference website:

XIV International Palynological Congress (IPC) & X International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IOPC): Palaeobotany and Palynology: towards new frontiers, 23-28.10.16, Salvador, Brazil. Reg: open, Abstract DL: 14.04.16. Conference website:

INQUA Early Career Researcher Conference and Summer School 2016, 5-9.09.16, Reading, UK. Abstract & Funding DL: 05.07.16. Conference website:

24th International Diatom Symposium (IDS 2016), 21-26.08.16, Québec City, Canada. Abstract DL: 01.05.16. Reg DL: 01.07.16. Conference website:

10th International Meeting on Phytolith Research, 12-14.09.16, Aix-en-Provence, France. Abstract DL: 30.06.16. More info:

4th International Sclerochronology Conference (ISC), 5-9.06.16, Portland, Maine. Conference website:

24th Biennial Meeting of the American Quaternary Association, 28.06-02.07.16, Santa Fe, NM. Abstract DL: 10.04.16. Reg DL: 05.05.16. Conference website:

Eighth World Archaeological Congress (WAC-8), 28.08-02.09.16, Kyoto, Japan. Abstract, Travel support & Reg DL: 30.04.16. Conference website:

PAGES’ 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM), 9-13.05.17, Zaragoza, Spain. Call for Sessions! More info:

1st Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society (VICS) Workshop, 06-08.06.16, Palisades, USA. Abstract DL: 10.04.16. More info:

DANTE – Dating the Anthropocene in Environmental Archives Workshop, 19-21.10.16, Toulouse, France. Reg: Open. Workshop website:

Acquiring and post-processing 3D data in Anthropology and Archaeology Workshop, 27.06-01.07.16, University of Bologna, Italy. Apply by: 20.05.16. More info:

Potsdam Summer School 2016 – Dealing with Climate Change Impacts, 05-14.09.16, Germany. App DL: 15.04.16. Website:

Climate Time Series Analysis Summer Courses, Heckenbeck, Germany, 08-12.08.16 (Basic Course), 15-19.08.16 (Advanced Course). Reg DL: 15.07.16. More info:

Conferences & Courses – 07.01.16

12th Int. Conference – Methods of Absolute Chronology, 11-13.05.16, Gliwice-Paniówki, Poland. Abstract DEADLINE: 01.03.16. Reg DEADLINE: 31.01.16. Conference website:

EcoSummit 2016, 29.08-01.09.16, Le Corum, Montpellier, France. Abstract DEADLINE: 29.01.16, Reg DEADLINE: 08.04.16. Conference website:

24th International Diatom Symposium (‪‎IDS2016), 21-26.08.16, Université Laval, Québec City, Canada. Abstract DEADLINE: 01.05.16. Reg DEADLINE: 15.04.16. Conference website:

7th International Workshop on Ice Caves, 16-22.05.16, Postojna, Slovenia. Abstract & Reg open. Conference website:

EGU General Assembly 2016, 17-22.04.16, Vienna, Austria. Abstract DEADLINE: 13.01.16. Reg DEADLINE: 17.03.16. Conference website:

Society of Africanist Archaeologists biennial meeting, 27.06-02.07.16, Toulouse, France. Abstract submission open. Conference website:

EOS-COST School on Data Assimilation and Data Analysis Methods, 04-15.04.16, Lecce (Italy). DEADLINE: 17.04.16. Course website and info on eligibility:

Workshops/Courses – 20.11.15

STEPPE Workshop: “Lake Tanganyika: A Miocene-Recent Source-to-Sink Laboratory in the African Tropics”, 13.12.15. San Francisco prior to AGU. Website:

Koobi Fora Field School (paleoanthropology training experience), Lake Turkana, Kenya . Fellowships available, apply from 16.11.15. More info:

Late Pleistocene Field School, Tanana Valley, Alaska. Run by Adelphi University. Self-funded. More info:

5th EAQUA workshop, 4-7.07.16, Mukono, Uganda. Abstract DL: 31.01.16. More info at: