SASQUA Online Series 2021

Session 7: Miocene-Oligocene palaeoenvironments, palynological evidence from the west coast of South Africa

Session 6: Multi-proxy evidence for climatic and oceanographic variability from onshore and offshore records from the southern Cape

Session 5: Southern South African palaeoecology and climate models

Session 4: Exploring southern African archives of environmental change: From marshes to tufas and pans

Session 3 Theme: Coupled Human-Climate Systems of Southern Africa, across all temporal scales

Session 3C: Comparing palaeoclimate and documentary reconstructions over historical timescales (Little Ice Age)

Session 3B: Provenance of Southern Cape Rivers: links to African hydroclimate from LGM to present

Session 3A: Mountain weathering and erosion processes in Southern Africa

Session 2: Integrating archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records

Session 1: South African Palaeoclimates: proxy evidence & climate drivers