Updated ECR Blog Page

This page will (soon) present a new series of interviews with ECR members of SASQUA – coming soon for launch in early July. Watch this space!!

We would also love to host posts by SASQUA members on topics relevant to the ECR community, related to career development, job searches, work/life balance, etc. Please get in touch with the ECR rep, Emma Loftus (el485@cam.ac.uk; @emma_j_loftus), if you have any suggestions or would like to write a post for the community.

News about job listings will appear on our Twitter and Facebook social pages.

Sign up for the following lists – these forums have a very wide reach and send out a lot of opportunities!

Pages ECN: http://www.pages-igbp.org/ecn/join

Palaeoclimatology Forum: https://lists.colorado.edu/sympa/subscribe/paleoclimate-list

The Geological Society UK: https://jobs.geolsoc.org.uk/